Pricing: Typical dyes that are seen on Greazy Dyes average a price of $20 per disc, if the disc is provided. If the disc is not provided, the cost is $20 plus the cost of the disc provided by Greazy Dyes based on availability. Multiple discs affect the price of shipping and total production time. Stencils are currently on hold right now and that process is being developed. The price of shipping is $4 for one disc, $5 for two, $7 for multiple.

Turn-Around Time: Currently, the wait period for dyes is within 2 weeks. The variables of this depend on the availability of the disc(s) and the type of dye selected. Also, if there are not a lot of client orders within your order, it'll take even less time. Custom orders will begin again in January.
Updated 11/19/2021

If you own the disc, you may send it in to be dyed. If you do not own the disc you hope to have custom dyed, we can discuss the process of getting it purchased.

Greazy Dyes Custom Options

The Greazy

This is the first style that came out of the Greazy Dyes lab. Feathered colors.

Spider-Man Cells

This can be done in many ways, both with randomized and uniform color selection

Vapor Wave

This style uses pinks, aquatic green, and blues.

The Swirl

Your choice of colors with a central swirl.

Cellular Swirl

Cells that are put in a swirl pattern.

Linear Cells

Cells of any color that are linear in their direction.

The Lollipop

Colors that are layered in a circular direction.

Spin Dye

Colors the are spun on around the disc.


Add flames to your disc.