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T-Shirt Fundraiser for Israel

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T-Shirt Fundraiser for Israel

In December I have the once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to take an educational trip to Israel. This has been a dream of mine for years and I'm looking forward to what the Passages organization can provide to my education and leadership training. 

I'll be attending with Mizzou Christian Campus house under the direction of Lance Tamerius through Passages Israel. Passages is passionate about providing college-age student the opportunity to learn about the Holy Land and have fulfilled thousands of trips. 

Due to the cost, which thankfully has been underwritten greatly by Passages, I'm selling these "Shalom" t-shirts to raise support for my trip. Shalom means "peace be with you." This peace is God's peace (John 14:27) and is something beyond this world and comes from Him alone - by His power and goodness. The nation of Israel has gone through many troubled years and through it all, God's peace remains. Shalom is a message of peace, a reminder of who God is and the promises He has purposed in Jesus and put into motion with His Spirit. 

Sizes small through 3XL are available in grey/black toned t-shirt with white font. The shirts are a cotton/polyester blend.

If you're purchasing a t-shirt and would like to pick it up locally (Joplin, MO), please use the code "local" at checkout. 

The deadline to order is November 1st. T-Shirts are expected to be made and shipped by mid-November. 

All proceeds will go to the total cost of my trip to Israel. 

In the event that the trip is cancelled in December for any reason, all funds will be refunded to me and I will attend the trip at a later date. 

Thank you!